About Us


Itecdesign is a design-oriented practice focused on delivering superior service. Its founders are committed to excellence and leadership. Our design process has been refi ned through our experiences and observations as problem solvers, as well as architects. We believe in the “BIG IDEA” and discovering the unique aspects in each project. Designing around a concept is important to our process. This sense of discovery guides our design process and results in, not only a functional design but, a more thoughtful and truthful reality. The founders have been committed to fi nding the best education and experiences in each of their individual careers as made obvious by their selection of high profi le fi rms in which they have worked.

These experiences have been combined to create itecdesign, which is committed to providing intellectual & functional design solutions. The design team at itec is comprised of designers with diff ering experiences in each phase of the design process. It is the combination of these experiences that give our practice a more rounded view and ability to be successful. A studio environment is the key ingredient for success in the quality of work we produce. Teamwork and the sharing of ideas can only enhance this process.

This environment is not only good for the design phase but also conducive to problem solving and management of time sensitive schedules. Our team of designers is intimately involved with each project and readily available to complete any task at hand, be it with the project or the client. This closeness to the project helps resolve any problems that may occur due to design or schedule. Our approach to successful design must also include an open and engaging dialogue with everyone involved in the process, from users and or clients to consultants. This dialogue helps defi ne the expectations of all parties and clarifi es any needs that should be met. It is very important to our team to establish this type of dialogue with the client for many reasons other than just creating an enjoyable environment during the process of making the vision a reality. It is our desire to create a long lasting relationship with each client itecdesign is privileged to work with. We understand the importance of repeat business and focus on providing a high level of service that will not only make our clients successful, but proud of the venture.